Hello Chingu :)

I’d like to introduce my friends to you, actually, they are my VERY VERY VERY VERY BEST FRIENDS. Just like me, they are Korean freaks XD. Only one person who already being in relationship here, and the rests are still with they old status, SINGLE hehehehe.

Tiffa took this picture when we were still in senior high school ( miss this moment so much :”( ).

From left to right : Baluik, ndut, ka ejh, cacing, sayua, and me 🙂

        Everyday (I do not count on Sunday), I always gathered with those girls. Being crazy together, even though we weren’t on the same class. The topic of our talk was always the same. If it wasn’t about Korean’s thingy, it must be gossip about some of students’ hihihi.

They always said that I was so noisy, hahaha. Well, it’s one of my specialty anyway, make people disturb cause of my not-so-beautiful voice u,u. Actually, I become a very silent person when I do not feel comfortable with situation around me, but once I get together with them, no one can control my craziness.


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