Hangeul ( Chapter 1 ) ^^

안녕하세요 ^^

eumm, I don’t know, what kind of thing that i should post in this blog ==a, so I come with this topic, it’s HANGEUL 😀

Yayaya, maybe you all already know that hangul are alphabets from Korea.  Rather than use Hanja ( Chinese’s alphabet ) which is more difficult, Hangeul is used in Hanguk ( Korean’s language ). Hangeul has fewer characters, that makes us easier to remember and use it.


























[eui, e]


[k], [g]


[d], [t]

[r], [l]


[b], [p]

[s], [sh]


[j], [ch]











Above are vocal and consonant in Hangeul, if you wanted to type it on your computer, you can use soft keyboard or type it directly from your keyboard by change it through the language bar.

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