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Descriptive Text Writing 1 Assignments


The only brother I have, named Al Fiqri. He was born on July, 7th 2000, and he is 12 years old by now. He is the 3rd child in my family, and also the only son that my parents have.  He is in his last year in the elementary school. According to me, he isn’t too handsome. He is skinny, and not too tall, about my shoulder-high. He has brown skin, and also black short hair. He has big eyes, just like my older sister has. One thing that makes me envying him is his dimples on both of his cheeks, every time he smiles; his dimples always appear on his face. He loves football and cartoons a lot. Sometime, he asks me to download some videos or photos of football players for him. In the past, he used to play football with his friends in the afternoon, but now my parents do not allow him to do it anymore. I usually have a fight with him, because he makes me feel annoyed. He also doesn’t want to do something that I ask him to. But, whatever he has done, he is still my naughty little brother.


I got this bicycle when I was on my fresh year on Junior High School; my mother bought it for me. The bicycle stands about my waist-high, and its color is red. Just like other bicycles, it has two wheels, the handlebar, grip, saddle, pedals, disc brake mechanic and etc. My bicycle’s basket is a little bit broken because I ever got an accident when I rode it. Its handlebar also becomes rusty now; I never bring it to get any services and the bell on my bicycle has lost its function, so it can’t produce sound anymore. The chain is still in good condition, it never gets stuck. It has clamp set on it to control the high of the saddle. I always rode it whenever I went to school, but now I leave it at home because I can’t bring it to my college. There are so many memories between me and my bicycle; I really love it.

by @adeksgoesty

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New Family Member :)

No, no, no,  do not think that i have another baby brother or baby sister, hahaha. Well, i got home yesterday, and i saw this cute tiny turtle >o< 갸 갸 갸  ~

Sorry for the low quality image, anyway you can see it right ? it’s cute, isn’t it ? 😀

I want to bring it in to my dormitory house in Padang ㅠㅠ

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My lappie, how are you TT^TT ?

52 days have passed since my lappie got error TT^TT . I was going blank at January 16th, 2012. It happened on Mon(ster)day, i sat with my friends in Pendopo, when i downloaded some videos my lappie got stuck and the screen was going blank. I felt dizzy right at that time, these kind of problem never comes into my life before. But, then i thought “eumm, maybe i just need to re-install it”, but the fact is the opposite. IT HAS PROBLEM ON IT’S HDD TT^TT. I only bought it one month ago, and it became like this. So, i brought it to the shop where i bought it, and they sent it to the service center for got repair. It has been 3 weeks since they sent it, i get no news. I only hope it gets better soon, and comes to me again. I Miss Ya :3

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Rain attacks !!!

Wet, that’s the condition you’ll see every morning in Padang. No wonder, rain always falls at night until the sun comes out. Me, myself do love rain so much, especially rain that falls at night, makes me moreeeee enjoy my sleep under my thick blanket 🙂 . I hate the days, when i must go to college before 7.00 AM, it makes me can’t lay on my bed much longer, i must leave it and it must be sad TT^TT.
God, thanks for makes Your rain falls every night 🙂