Dedek's Life · Yelling Out

Freak, weird, geek, anyelse ?

So many friends tell me that I am a freak and weird person these days. Hahaha, it is not for the first time I hear this kind of words. Since I was on my Junior Islamic High School, my friends started to call me a weird person. Blame my personality as the culprit of that; my reluctant emotion, waving my hand and my body around crazily, yelling out so loud, and crying easily, yes! that kind of ‘condition’ make me like a weird person for them. But, I pay no attention for that, I am happy to be called as a weird or freak girl; I feel that I am different compare to them. I am unique in my own way, bro :O so, let me copy out some lyrics from Gaga’s song, “I am beautiful in my way, cause God makes no mistakes, I am on the right track baby, I was born this way”. Chao 🙂




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