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Super Junior is back!!! Those childish-men are back, hahahaha 🙂 Sexy, Free, and Single, I am ready to bingo, Kyubong. My favorite song is From You, this song wrote and sang by Yoo Young Jin as background music for one of SS3’s VCRs, but for this album, those supermen sing this song by themselves, but KRY’s voices are dominated this song, no wonder, they are the lead vocals.

The rapp part is 최고!!!

너랑 나 둘이 좋은 것만 같이 보고 같이 먹고 줄겨 듣고 울고 웃고 아름담기만 했던 날들

Those days of only beautiful things, seeing together only the good things about us, eating together, having fun together, crying together, and laughing together.

내가 무너지지 않게 믿어주고 곁울 지켜줘서 고맙다 정말 고마워

Thank you for believing in me, that I wont fall and for standing by my side, really thank you


And this Cho 규봉 파트 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

그저 믿어봐 내가 내가 잘할게

But still try to believe. I will, I will do well




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