Humming :)

The time I spent with you passed so quickly
Our date had come to an end before I’d even realized it
Don’t wanna let go, don’t wanna go back
I want to stop time and be with you forever
The words to hide our awkwardness
The moment we gazed at each other
The time we spent together
I wished they had all lasted longer
Your hand held mine until you saw me off at the final train
Your nonchalant kindness makes me happy
If this were a fairy tale
I’d instantly be able to go to a future with you
Every time, everyday, everything
Even if I don’t put it into words
You are my special place
If I could be granted just one wish
Dear God, please stop time when we are alone together
Everytime, everyday, everything
Even if we were to go our separate ways, I’ll hold us together
You are my special one
Everytime, everyday, everything
I have faith. Even if time doesn’t stop
If we’re fated then we’d be able to see each other anytime, right?

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