Cho Kyuhyun · Fangirling · Yelling Out

rawr ~

Entah semacam apa, modem rusak ㅜㅜ  jadinya make Habu buat jadi modem, dia kepanasan #kipasin ㅠㅠ Timeline goes HECTIC again, those 바보 남자들 appeared on Shimshimtapa and did some crazy things, poor I am can’t do streaming at that time ㅠㅠ Kyubong came as a guest on 슈키라 also, only him out of all Syuju’s members, that shirt eumm I don’t really like it, showed up his shoulders, much !!! But, his watch, his hand-watch, one of the things that I always look after. Boys with hand-watch seems more eummm, handsome ?? ㅋㅋㅋ After all, he is always a smart-handsome-witty-dorky-spoiled boy for me 🙂 Subbing teaaamm, do sub on this Syuju’s show 주세요 ~

Aah, I’ve promised to make a compilation of 규봉’s fan arts which made by Rarashii, when it will be finished ㅠㅠ tepati janjimu Dek !! TEPATIN !!


I do this midnite’s blogwalking too much ==” I become a nocturnal all over again. When this holiday come to an end, this won’t happen anymore, I promise to myself.





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