An essay ‘Prenuptial Agreement’

This is my first 500 words essay, an essay about Prenuptial Agreement. It was written as my final task for CALL subject, well maybe I got an ‘A’ because of this essay ㅋㅋㅋ(I worked very hard, though). Thanks to Mr.Aufa for giving me such a good mark, hope you are doing well with your study right now 🙂

This is an argumentative essay, so it must contain several pros and cons to support the main idea itself, prenuptial agreement. Here, take a look 😀 If you have one, why don’t you share it with me ?

Pre-Wedding Couples Should Make a Prenuptial Agreement

Have you ever seen some couples that get into divorce usually fight, only because money? They are badmouthing each other, and say that she or he is the one that should have that money, and any other cannot? It is an example of problem that usually face by couples that have a broken relationship. In this era, some of pre-married couples make such an agreement called Prenuptial Agreement, to make a clear line about things that they should or should not do when they are already become a married couple. This agreement has made before they get married; it makes both of them already know the rule, so when the bad thing –divorce- comes up, they can separate peacefully. However, there are also some people that think against the reason above. They think that married should not be arranged like that. This essay will give some opinions why every couple should be considered for making a prenuptial agreement.

       Communication before married is the most important thing to strengthen the couple’s relationship. How many couples that get divorce easily, just by saying that they do not match. And also there are some couples that think the communication is only need, when they are already marriage; this is a very wrong concept. Most of the problem that makes couples intend to get divorce is a very bad communication between them. A prenuptial agreement is the right solution for pre-married couple for avoiding such a divorce. By making an agreement, especially before couples get married, they will try to understand what their couple want or at least they will know who is their husband-to-be or wife-to-be for real. It will make such a deep greeting, and the spouse will get to know more and more about their couple. And we can think what will happen if they know each other very well, it will create a very bright future for the couple, and there is no ‘Divorce’ word on their life.  However, not every people can build up a great communication; usually a problem comes up and it makes them can’t accept their couple’s opinion. The couples that build up by two strict people, it will be harder to them, to compromise about their future life. One of them thinks that one thing should be done, while other thinks it should not be done. Because of their high ego, and do not want to beat by other, they keep on their position and there will be no cooperation after all. This thing leads into a conflict that can break up their relationship even before they get marriage for real.

       Talking frankly about money and properties can eliminate misunderstandings that might otherwise crop up between the couple. Couples that don’t have a prenuptial agreement can have a big problem at the end of their broken relationship –divorce-, and usually the problem is about money; generally wealthy. A prenuptial agreement will make a couple discuss about their money, what will they do with it in the future, and if somehow they get divorce or maybe one of them are died. Do not think about the time, because sooner or later, the couple will be discussing about money and their wealthy.  But, money and wealthy are sensitive things to be talked about. While discussing about it, it can create a misunderstanding, at the end they can broke up before they get married.

       A prenuptial agreement is really helpful while the couples are divorcing. By having such an agreement, the divorcing process will go smoothly and done in a short time. You already know the affects if you get divorce, so you can think what are the responsibilities that you will have. And also, you don’t have to wait too long through the divorcing process, because the reason for the divorce and also the thing that will you get and lost if divorcing are already written down on the prenuptial agreement. The court will be only becomes a mediator if you want to get together again, or maybe to make clear of your divorce. Somehow, some people think that even without a prenuptial agreement, state law may protect you. The laws of the state where the couple lives may do a fine job of accomplishing what the couple wants. Even though, you and your couple do not ask for law’s help, it will automatically be involved in your divorcing process and help you to go with it. The law will decide about the wealthy, children, and everything that cannot be handling by the couple with a broken relationship. The law will help a lot.

       Not only about the time of process while divorcing, but also a prenuptial agreement will help you for avoiding a very expensive divorce proceeding since the distribution of assets will be lay down on paper and will be binding on both sides. Think about the cost of the lawyer, the court, all the documents that should be made, and sign by the authorities, it all the responsibilities of the couples that want to get divorce; they are really expensive. Unmarried couple-to-be should not have to pay a very expensive divorce just to get their own from freedom. However, some of citizens think, whether we use a prenuptial agreement or not, we should have to pay the court, lawyer, and all the documents. It is thing that cannot be avoided after all. Whether it is expensive or not, at least we will waste our money to get divorce.

       We should realize that a prenuptial agreement provides a back-up plan. Even though, the couples think that they will happily ever after and there will be no divorce, who knows what will happen in the future. Prenuptial agreement provides back-up plan while couples think that they cannot go with the marriage anymore. This agreement gives peace of mind to both parties and a fallback just in case they are decided to get divorce. But, a back-up plan can be created not only before the marriage. After marriage ceremony, the couples can create that back-up plan. It seems if they make that prenuptial agreement before the marriage, it means it can be an ‘end’ for their marriage.

       A prenuptial agreement contains the plans for the couple’s future. A prenuptial agreement can be a guide for the couples for the thing that can or cannot be done in their marriage. For example, there is a rule in a prenuptial agreement that allows the husband to get married again, if only the wife cannot bearing a child, but, in some cases there will be no more marriage, even though the marriage cannot produce a child, they only can adopted children from an orphan house or else. It is clearly explained how the prenuptial agreement is working. If the rule is broke by one or both of the spouses, they can get divorce and explain the reason. However, most of the people think, such a rule in marriage is not romantic. How can you live with someone under a strict rule? You cannot create your own moment and everything that you should be done are based on that bullshit prenuptial agreement. It is not romantic at all. It seems like you are conducted by that rules, and become like a couple of robot. It cannot be a life of a happy marriage. 

       A prenuptial agreement protects your children. It cannot be avoided, that a fight usually comes up while thinking about the kids, and realize it or not that fight makes the kids are hurting inside. They will be sad by seeing their parents are fighting each other for having a chance to take care of them. Their dream for having a happy family will break, and it makes them down. We can see that there are so many problems that face by a broken-home-kid. They try to erase their pain by consuming drugs and many other criminal things. This agreement already contains a rule about the kids, if somehow the couples get divorce. Usually, spouse that breaks the rule on a prenuptial agreement will lost their chance to take care of the kids. But, in some cases there is not like that. There are also some couples that intend to take care of their children together even though they are already separate. This agreement is protect the kids by made there is no fight between their mother and their father to get a chance for taking care of them or at least to minimalist the chance of fight. However, a divorce is always hurting the kids’ heart. Even though there is no fight between their parents, a broken relationship between their parents makes them sad. There will be no more time to laugh together or maybe to gather together. Everything cannot be the same like the past; everything will be change because of that divorce.

       Based on the reasons above, we can conclude that a prenuptial agreement is a must for pre-wedding couples. There are some sensitive things that should be talked by the couples before they get married. There will be no fight, if they already know what they will get if they do a divorce. Well, if the couple think that they will not get into a fight after they divorce, or maybe they trust their state laws for protecting them, they can do it. At the end, it depends on their decision, make an agreement or not.

I still learn how to create a good-written-language 🙂

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