Kyuhyun’s fanarts

Do you know rarasshii by any chance? She is one of my favorite fan art’s makers, well she is an artist. Most of her cunning fan arts are dedicated to Kyubong, we have the same bias then, that’s why I like hers ㅋㅋㅋIf I can say, her fan arts are ‘unyu munyu’, ㅎㅎㅎㅎ Seeing hers only make me saying ‘cute’ all the time and the chibi version of Syuju’s fan art is the one that have pull in me over her amazing work.

Maybe I’ll only post some Kyu’s tonight,  haven’t gathered all the fan arts that come up lately, because there isn’t much time to get in touch with internet since I came back to school ㅠㅠ

I have asked her permission to make this compilation, so enjoy 🙂

This is 5jib규 ~

This one is in immortal song, right?

The one beside the laptop is so unyuuuuuuuuu >3<

His precious smile, I JUST CAN’T >////<

Evil 규, eh ?

Muehehehe, 규jobs

A I R P O R T 규 !!!

Airport규 is the cutest for me, his sleepy eyes, his cap, his ‘규mask’, his messy hair, don’t forget his hand-watch and all of the things on him are just make him cuter all the time.

Athlete-규 and 규tagnan on the same time ㅋㅋㅋ

규, gimme one of your gadgets제 ㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔ발

Look so happy, 규봉 :DD

Time to find MC 규 huehehehe

Errr, his musicals, 규tagnan and Frank규, Frank규 is just …………

By the way, this one is also cute, I remember this is to celebrate Kyu’s birthday 🙂

This glasses규 also ~

I like to call Kyuhyun as Kyubong, just sounds cute for me. He has so many nicknames, hahahaha.

All of the fan arts are belong to Rarasshii, I only compile them and post it in here 🙂

Please take a credit if you want to re-post it, thank you 🙂


12 thoughts on “Kyuhyun’s fanarts

  1. PS Siskarani says:

    hey I just found your wp and saw my blog on your recommended list down there
    wow Im so flattered
    thank you very much dear 🙂

    and shoot we both have same biases 🙂

    • adeksgoesty says:

      Thanks for dropping a comment Kak 🙂 yes, we have the same bias, that evil-cho-kyuhyun-man lol I LOVE your fanfics, when will it be updated ? hahaha
      Should I call you, Kak Siska ?

      • PS Siskarani says:

        just call me kak put
        putri is my actuall name

        it’s fine since you also dropped ur comment on my wp
        so I’m gonna do the same yay hihihi

        oh anyway I have several updates lately
        one for natkyu
        and the remains for others
        I’m in a mood of writing drabble or ficlet lately

        feel free to visit 😀

      • adeksgoesty says:

        really ? you posted it on your own wp or in sujuff ? because I didn’t receive any email regarding to new ff’s update from your blog ==a
        its okay, your drabbles or ficlets can light up my mood hohoho

  2. PS Siskarani says:

    Im not sure with these ffs
    since I made them really in a rush
    so all I can say is expect nothing hahaha

    anyway I appreciate it if you still willing to read those craps 😀

    • adeksgoesty says:

      I’ll definitely read ‘those craps’ lol, btw the protected one -Romeo and Juliet-, is it a special project ?
      and also Kak Put, I wonder why there isn’t any email notifications from your blog ? I already subscribed to your blog since a long, long time ago ==a

      • PS Siskarani says:

        I really dont know about that
        by now Im still confuse in using wp -.-‘

        oh no! romeo and juliet is in total mess that I have to ‘close’ them for a while
        I’ll make my time to finish it and I’ll make it public 🙂

  3. adeksgoesty says:

    I have to wait patiently then 🙂 Just don’t take a very long time for finishing it, kekeke ~ The main roles are still Nat and Kyu, right ? My ‘kepo-ing’ sense, really . . . .

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