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Cho Gyuhyun + Airport = >w<

Ulululu ~
Puja kerang ajaiiiiib.
So, something that i really give so much concern today is (trek-trek-dung-ces!) gyu’s neck-pillow.
Gyu and his airport fashion is so freaking hot cute, unyu-unyu. Cho Kyuhyun keliatan hensem banget kalo di airport, sumpah. His sleepy face, his mask, and his neck-pillow. Currently, it seems like, he is really into his yellow-badtzmaru-neck-pillow, isn’t he lovely ? (yes, yes, yes, too lovable >w<)
Jjo-gyu + airport emang terlalu indah buat dilewatin begitu aja. Entah sejak kapan, dua objek yang disatuin ini jadi the-most-favorite-thing dalam hidup gue sekarang. Airportgyu is more adorable rather than singinggyu or dancinggyu for me, kya kya kya ><
It gives me such a nosebleed, whenever I see him around the airport with his forever-favorite-gyu-mask and now, adding with a neck-pillow. Oke, gue tau kalo lo itu kurang tidur #pukpuk. Eumm, seems like i forget to mention about his cap hohoho.
So, if you sum up those things, gyu + mask + neck-pillow, it will be like this

ulululu ~
ulululu ~

like this


and this . . .

A6tANe4CYAAFzAB.jpg large#iamdroolingonmyface
Oh, put down the mask and neck-pillow, adding a pout on his face and a scarf, so it turns out to be like this
tumblr_mh6y2bMft51rdt2lmo1_500(oh, too many ‘like this’ lmao)
or maybe you want to see, gyu + v-neck-shirt + cap + mask ?
my fave ><Btw, I also love his bag aaaaanndd barang belanjaannya lol
549119_359028490801799_103393059698678_967338_1677399903_nHe likes to bring his MCM bag lately u.u

Henseeem *O*

2010-08-19_125737Actually, I compile a bunch of  my-most-favorite-airportgyu’s pics on my old computer. since I am using my lappy now, i should re-googling again, to catch this pics. I have limited time and, y know, limited credit lol
p.s : all the pics are belong to their own owners and fan sites; it is written on the pic. I do not own any of them 🙂

chao chao ~

Yelling Out

Alhamdulillah :))

Alhamdulillah 🙂
Makasih Allah udah ngejaga ilmu-ilmu di otak walopun adek tau kalo adek sering banget buat dosa. Tonight is just so cetar membahana !!

Yelling Out

Aku Sebenernya Ngiri ;A;

Holla ! 🙂
Seriusan, kangen banget nulis postingan pake laptop, tapi berhubung modem-nya ngga bisa diajak kerja-sama, ya udah pake Habu aja /sob ;A;
Bentar ini, blogwalking-an, keliling-keliling, ngeliat-liat tulisan-tulisan berkualitas dari para blogger(s) dan alhasil, GUE NGIRI ;A;
‘How come they can make such a beautiful postingan like that ?’
Masing-masing kalimat sangat terpadu, saling menyatu, mendukung ide dari postingan itu. Dan, saat ngebandingin sama punya gue, astaghfirullah, gue nulis tentang A diawal, ujung-ujungnya malah nyampe masalah Z. Sama sekali ngga koheren /banghead :<
Mulai sekarang mesti rajin-rajin nulis, supaya tulisannya lebih 'epic' dan 'legit' :)).

Chao :O

Yelling Out

Ironic, orz

Hello !
So tonight, I just want to spit out something that really gets my concern right now.
After the award ceremony has ended, what are the things that you think will pop out like crazy ? yes, praising and . . . . . hating.
I don’t know if i just a lil bit sensitive or what, everytime after the ceremony ended, people keep insist that their idols are the best one. Yes, i know, i do that also. But, i really couldn’t get why there are also some people who keep hating and state that the winner doesn’t deserve it at all, their idol should be the one who receive the award. Heol !
Me, i don’t like fanwar, i hate it. Even if the people who do that are the same fandom as mine. They only can speak harshly on socmed and i bet if they really meet up, they will say nothing. Stupid !
I wonder, why do they really like to have some enemies on their life. I cannot imagine if I have one :<
Grown up and you'll realize how stupid you are when you are fighting each other only because someone or some people who in the fact, never know that you are ever exist.