Yelling Out

Holiday ? not really feel like it.

mew mew mew ~
Such a long time since the last time I wrote in here. I’m too busy dealing with my lazyness :))
I am on my holiday right now and become the house-keeper. Actually, this is the reason why I keep going fat, wait, I mean chubbier lmao. Home is such a food-bunker, so there is no way I will become a hungry-omnivora. I plan nothing to spend this holiday. No though about travelling around or any else. Just stay at home, maybe reading some new-brand-novels that I have bought before holiday comes 🙂
see ya ~


2 thoughts on “Holiday ? not really feel like it.

  1. Thanks for taking a visit, Aul :)) /kedipkedip
    Holiday should take the responsibility for making this fat orz

    Shopping is a good way to end your holiday; your college is gonna start soon, fufufu.

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