Yelling Out

Ironic, orz

Hello !
So tonight, I just want to spit out something that really gets my concern right now.
After the award ceremony has ended, what are the things that you think will pop out like crazy ? yes, praising and . . . . . hating.
I don’t know if i just a lil bit sensitive or what, everytime after the ceremony ended, people keep insist that their idols are the best one. Yes, i know, i do that also. But, i really couldn’t get why there are also some people who keep hating and state that the winner doesn’t deserve it at all, their idol should be the one who receive the award. Heol !
Me, i don’t like fanwar, i hate it. Even if the people who do that are the same fandom as mine. They only can speak harshly on socmed and i bet if they really meet up, they will say nothing. Stupid !
I wonder, why do they really like to have some enemies on their life. I cannot imagine if I have one :<
Grown up and you'll realize how stupid you are when you are fighting each other only because someone or some people who in the fact, never know that you are ever exist.


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