Cho Gyuhyun + Airport = >w<

Ulululu ~
Puja kerang ajaiiiiib.
So, something that i really give so much concern today is (trek-trek-dung-ces!) gyu’s neck-pillow.
Gyu and his airport fashion is so freaking hot cute, unyu-unyu. Cho Kyuhyun keliatan hensem banget kalo di airport, sumpah. His sleepy face, his mask, and his neck-pillow. Currently, it seems like, he is really into his yellow-badtzmaru-neck-pillow, isn’t he lovely ? (yes, yes, yes, too lovable >w<)
Jjo-gyu + airport emang terlalu indah buat dilewatin begitu aja. Entah sejak kapan, dua objek yang disatuin ini jadi the-most-favorite-thing dalam hidup gue sekarang. Airportgyu is more adorable rather than singinggyu or dancinggyu for me, kya kya kya ><
It gives me such a nosebleed, whenever I see him around the airport with his forever-favorite-gyu-mask and now, adding with a neck-pillow. Oke, gue tau kalo lo itu kurang tidur #pukpuk. Eumm, seems like i forget to mention about his cap hohoho.
So, if you sum up those things, gyu + mask + neck-pillow, it will be like this

ulululu ~
ulululu ~

like this


and this . . .

A6tANe4CYAAFzAB.jpg large#iamdroolingonmyface
Oh, put down the mask and neck-pillow, adding a pout on his face and a scarf, so it turns out to be like this
tumblr_mh6y2bMft51rdt2lmo1_500(oh, too many ‘like this’ lmao)
or maybe you want to see, gyu + v-neck-shirt + cap + mask ?
my fave ><Btw, I also love his bag aaaaanndd barang belanjaannya lol
549119_359028490801799_103393059698678_967338_1677399903_nHe likes to bring his MCM bag lately u.u

Henseeem *O*

2010-08-19_125737Actually, I compile a bunch of  my-most-favorite-airportgyu’s pics on my old computer. since I am using my lappy now, i should re-googling again, to catch this pics. I have limited time and, y know, limited credit lol
p.s : all the pics are belong to their own owners and fan sites; it is written on the pic. I do not own any of them 🙂

chao chao ~

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