No’dummy’ Cantabile (Nodame Cantabile )



Hahahaha, I welcome you in this post with Nodame’s favorite word J I get into Nodame Cantabile’s fever lately, but that’s okay, I can refresh my brain by looking into Chiaki’s uhukhandsomefaceuhuk 이히히히 ~ Well, maybe i am late ㅜㅜ realize that this manga has such a magnet to pull me in and get amaze of his good story and good looking’s characters ㅎㅎㅎㅎ. I saw the manga when I was on my 1st year of  Junior High School and now I am enrolling on the college, 2nd year student 헏 . I watched the live action at the first time, the 2nd movie, and I just can say that IT IS ROMANTIC /fluttering/. An outstanding storyline combines with top classical music, I AM DEATH.


Since I am not a person who can provide a full and thorough summary, I’ll only share my most favorite part of this movie, the time when Chiaki receives the message from Kuroki, and he suddenly rushes into Nodame’s place. He realizes that on the past time he kept pushing Nodame to get into the same way like him; becoming a world pianist, while Nodame’s dream is becoming a preschool teacher. But then, he still insists that he needs Nodame beside him 캬캬캬캬~ >////<


And then, have I said that Hiroshi Tamaki is being deadly-cool-handsome in this movie? I cannot resist his Chiaki’s feeling ㅠㅠ I keep repeating the scene when he conducted the orchestra, over and all over again. His gaze, his gesture, all of his movements, why is it so perfect? I only have watched two films of him; Tada Kimi and Nodame, and yes, Nodame is my favorite. Rich Hiroshi ‘Shinichi’ Tamaki is taking the first spot. Juri Ueno is no exception; she plays ‘no-dummy’ very well. By the way, I like her hairstyle and the way she speaks is unique ㅋㅋㅋ

I am on my way to download the manga and also the extended one; opera hen. I have already downloaded until volume 11 J. I want to download the anime and its drama-live-action too, but the condition does not help me, my modem is being like a bitch lately ㅠㅠ I realize that I finally can pull out myself from k-pop fan fictions and get my way back into manga and manhwa world, and it feels great. I need to get rest for awhile; already bored to read those fan fictions anyway, I have done it for such a long time (but I do not get any tired when I am looking at jjogyu <3)

I feel an incredible urge to hug you, does it mean that I love you ? – Noda Megumi


(While rain is pouring down and I am being hypnotized by Chiaki Senpai)

bonus pic ..


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