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Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo Episode 14 Preview

I know I haven’t watched episode 13 yet, but since I really curious with the next episode; I watch the preview first ㅠㅠ So this is the preview for episode 14, guys 🙂 Yap, they have a meeting; Naoki and Sahoko, together with Irie Mama and Sahoko’s grandfather. It is for the arranged marriage’s plan ofc ㅠㅠ. As you can see, our heroine; Kotoko together with Yuuko stalk them lol This moment can be considered as a ridiculous one but at the same time I feel sad for our Kotoko ㅠㅠ I can see Naoki smiles while walking with Sahoko (nooooooooo, do not show your smile to anybody else beside Kotoko /iambeingselfishhere/ ㅠㅠ ).

The ending of the preview is more heartbreaking ;;A;;

Kin-chan : “I will take Kotoko away from you.”

Naoki       : “Do whatever you want.”

Don’t you know that Kotoko is right there and she listens to everything that you say, Irie-kun ??? ㅠㅠ


And also the truth that comes out from younger brother, Yuki, “The girl that you love is Kotoko right, Onii-chan ?”

You hit him right at the spot Yuki-kun ! You cannot deny it anymore Onii-chan ~

Well then, thats a very brief summary for the preview :)) I will hold my tears for the next three episodes ㅠㅠ


One thought on “Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo Episode 14 Preview

  1. I was 2 curios for episode 14 so I watched the anime verson and I eneded up watching the whole thing. I shouldn’t ruin for u but keep on watching it cuz u never know wats gonna happen I canta wait for the japan version of it

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