Itazura na Kiss – Love in Tokyo; Episode 15 Preview

Soooo guuuuyssss, this is the preview for episode 15 for yaaaaa ~

Yes, can you spot our ‘older-version’ Naoki on the preview?  He is wearing his doctor outfit ㅎㅎㅎ

Okay, episode 14 gives me soooooo many angst moments and it hurts my heart so much ㅠㅠ Naoki is so mean toward Kotoko ㅠㅠ The last part of this episode is really heartbreaking, me myself also hopes Naoki will say ‘Kotoko loves me’ like Kotoko does, but then he turns out saying that Kin-chan can do whatever he wants ㅠㅠ
Even though I already know the ending of this drama, but I cannot stop myself to wonder how the actresses and actors do represent all of the scenes from the same manga with their own different way. Two episodes left; Kin-chan’s proposal, rain kiss’ scene and then the wedding, yap, we are waiting for those!
I hope they include the part when Kotoko and Naoki accidentally meet while they are on their own dates and also the scene when Naoki carries Kotoko because her feet are getting splashed by the hot water /crossfingers/.

p.s : I am really sad ㅠㅠ when I saw two days or maybe three days ago dramacrazy’s staffs decides to shut their site down, after all I just can say thanks for giving me a lot of quality time while streaming and downloading dramas from your site 🙂 You have brought happiness for bunches of fangirl outside there.

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