Tomorrow Cantabile

Yaps, its the koren version of our forever favorite golden pair; Nodame Cantabile. Despite of many malicious comment toward the drama, I find it is exciting to be watched.

Joo won, most of his dramas are the serious one and only in 1 film that I saw him playing a comedic role; Steal My Heart. I really like him while conducting in the drawa, tbh he looks very hawt on that time ♥♥

Shim eun kyung, she has played comedic role before, like in Miss Granny and she got Daesang for that role. I see Nodame in Shime Eun Kyung and hearing that she`s crying on the drama set because she had no idea how should she
portrayed Nodame, makes me really want to appreciate her by keep watching the drama. I have no idea why some netizens turn their backs against her and said that SEK doesn`t fit the role of Nodame.

I hope the drama will do well through the upcoming episodes and get a high rating 🙂

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