Jjogyu’s selca (again)


Blame jjogyu for making me crazy this night ㅠㅠ rather than uploads a strange pic for april fool’s day, he uploads a cute(?) selca 캬 ~ I cannot forget his bright black eyes with those lips formed a smile 휴.휴 . I decided to upload  that pic; from his unverified-twitter ㅋㅋㅋ

Cho Gyuhyun + Airport = >w<

Ulululu ~
Puja kerang ajaiiiiib.
So, something that i really give so much concern today is (trek-trek-dung-ces!) gyu’s neck-pillow.
Gyu and his airport fashion is so freaking hot cute, unyu-unyu. Cho Kyuhyun keliatan hensem banget kalo di airport, sumpah. His sleepy face, his mask, and his neck-pillow. Currently, it seems like, he is really into his yellow-badtzmaru-neck-pillow, isn’t he lovely ? (yes, yes, yes, too lovable >w<)
Jjo-gyu + airport emang terlalu indah buat dilewatin begitu aja. Entah sejak kapan, dua objek yang disatuin ini jadi the-most-favorite-thing dalam hidup gue sekarang. Airportgyu is more adorable rather than singinggyu or dancinggyu for me, kya kya kya ><
It gives me such a nosebleed, whenever I see him around the airport with his forever-favorite-gyu-mask and now, adding with a neck-pillow. Oke, gue tau kalo lo itu kurang tidur #pukpuk. Eumm, seems like i forget to mention about his cap hohoho.
So, if you sum up those things, gyu + mask + neck-pillow, it will be like this

ulululu ~

ulululu ~

like this



and this . . .

A6tANe4CYAAFzAB.jpg large#iamdroolingonmyface
Oh, put down the mask and neck-pillow, adding a pout on his face and a scarf, so it turns out to be like this
tumblr_mh6y2bMft51rdt2lmo1_500(oh, too many ‘like this’ lmao)
or maybe you want to see, gyu + v-neck-shirt + cap + mask ?
my fave ><Btw, I also love his bag aaaaanndd barang belanjaannya lol
549119_359028490801799_103393059698678_967338_1677399903_nHe likes to bring his MCM bag lately u.u

Henseeem *O*

2010-08-19_125737Actually, I compile a bunch of  my-most-favorite-airportgyu’s pics on my old computer. since I am using my lappy now, i should re-googling again, to catch this pics. I have limited time and, y know, limited credit lol
p.s : all the pics are belong to their own owners and fan sites; it is written on the pic. I do not own any of them 🙂

chao chao ~

I’m crying of joy, Cho Kyuhyun ㅠㅠ

7th year anniversary of Super Junior and I got this as a present tonight. Cho Kyubong’s gesture, one hand on his pocket, another one hold his partner lol Yes, I am falling in love (again) with this man for the nth time on my life lol

This is the fan-cam, took from the fan-meeting which was to celebrate the 7th year anniversary of Super Junior, the kissing paper game 🙂

Eumm, I hope Secret staff was there at the moment so they can upload some kyuhyun focus fancams later on 🙂

cr : ys9rmine

Sendirian itu enak :)

Well, hari ini sebenernya ada 2 matkul; Listening ama Phonolgy, jadi gue dengan semangat 45 pergi ke kampus lebih cepet dari biasanya, masuk jam 10.40 gue dateng jam 9.00, tumben banget, biasanya gue tepat waktu, ngga kecepetan juga ngga telat pula, hahaha. Dan ternyata, di kampus listriknya konslet, astaghfirullah, padahal gue uda ngimpi lansung masuk lab listening yang pastinya ada AC, berhubung cuaca panasnya pake banget ==. Akhirnya bapak dosen tercinta ngga dateng, ya udah, nongkrong dulu bentar deket loby, cerita-cerita, ngegosip bareng ibu-ibu sekelas lol abis itu ada sms masuk, “kita hari ini ngga jadi kuliah phonology karena bla bla bla . . . .”, what the ==, untuk apa gue ke kampus kalo ngga ada kuliah kayak gini, udahlah cuma ngotorin baju aja, gue kan males nyuci baju ==. Ida ama Tifah ngajak pergi ‘berkelana’ ke Jati, dan gue mikir ‘BUAT APAAAA ????’ disaat matahari bener-bener belagak buat manggang gue, dan gue bilang gue ngga ikut ama mereka. Abis itu dengan rajinnya, gue kepikiran buat bikin tugas speaking besok, pergilah gue dengan antengnya ke Mushalla, duduk bentar, ngobrol bareng temen yang ada disana, ujung-ujungnya tugas sama sekali ngga jadi dibikin hehehe. Trus tetiba keinget kalo gue ada janji transaksi barang berharga ama Willy Wongka, di sms dia bilang lagi di rumah Yati, chao lah gue ke wisma-nya Yati. Dan disanalah kami melakukan transaksi gelap, Running Man, penkems kyubong, WGM, Reply 1997 dll dipindah dari satu Hd ke HD lainnya, itu berarti ntar malam gue punya tontonan baru ㅋㅋㅋ. Abis dari wismanya Yati, gue berangkat dengan perut kosong ke tempat makan terdekat, dimana gue nyambi nulis postingan ini. Sendirian, adeeem ~ ditambah perut gue udah kenyang sekarang, CHAO 🙂

Kyuhyun’s fanarts

Do you know rarasshii by any chance? She is one of my favorite fan art’s makers, well she is an artist. Most of her cunning fan arts are dedicated to Kyubong, we have the same bias then, that’s why I like hers ㅋㅋㅋIf I can say, her fan arts are ‘unyu munyu’, ㅎㅎㅎㅎ Seeing hers only make me saying ‘cute’ all the time and the chibi version of Syuju’s fan art is the one that have pull in me over her amazing work.

Maybe I’ll only post some Kyu’s tonight,  haven’t gathered all the fan arts that come up lately, because there isn’t much time to get in touch with internet since I came back to school ㅠㅠ

I have asked her permission to make this compilation, so enjoy 🙂

This is 5jib규 ~

This one is in immortal song, right?

The one beside the laptop is so unyuuuuuuuuu >3<

His precious smile, I JUST CAN’T >////<

Evil 규, eh ?

Muehehehe, 규jobs

A I R P O R T 규 !!!

Airport규 is the cutest for me, his sleepy eyes, his cap, his ‘규mask’, his messy hair, don’t forget his hand-watch and all of the things on him are just make him cuter all the time.

Athlete-규 and 규tagnan on the same time ㅋㅋㅋ

규, gimme one of your gadgets제 ㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔ발

Look so happy, 규봉 :DD

Time to find MC 규 huehehehe

Errr, his musicals, 규tagnan and Frank규, Frank규 is just …………

By the way, this one is also cute, I remember this is to celebrate Kyu’s birthday 🙂

This glasses규 also ~

I like to call Kyuhyun as Kyubong, just sounds cute for me. He has so many nicknames, hahahaha.

All of the fan arts are belong to Rarasshii, I only compile them and post it in here 🙂

Please take a credit if you want to re-post it, thank you 🙂