Yayy, Its (Itakiss) on September !

Itazura na Kiss 2 – Love in Okinawa will be broadcasted the special episode on 12th September through Fuji TV (Kanto Local Area). It will be aired at 27.20 PM (I don’t know whether it’s Japan time or not, seriously 3 AM in the morning ?) ㅡㅡ and it will last for about an hour. This special episode will reveal the lovable couple’s honeymoon in Okinawa >////<.

Ah, akhirnya ~ Setelah mungkin setaunan nunggu, jadwal tayang drama ini keluar juga. After marriage story-nya sangat patut untuk ditunggu karena di dalamnya Irie Naoki bakal jadi lebih ‘manusiawi’ dibanding dia sebelum nikah. Apalagi saingannya dalam urusan percintaan (Keita) bakal muncul juga di after marriage story ini. Pasangan Kinchan –Christine – juga bakal muncul hihihihi. Jadwal yang dikasih tau sejauh ini cuma untuk yang episode special, episode setelahnya belum tau apa bakal tayang sesudahnya atau bakalan dikasih jadwal baru, yang penting sih kita ngga ‘ngeraba-raba’ lagi kapan tayangnya drama ini ㅎㅎㅎ
Ini preview yang dirilis di laman official youtube-nya Itakiss

Btw, di previewnya pas pengenalan tokoh, Aihara Kotoko udah diganti jadi Irie Kotoko hohoho. Soundtrack yang kedengaran di preview itu opening soundtrack baru buat season 2 ini, yang nyanyiin Cyntia, band cewek Jepang, judulnya Kiss, Kiss, Kiss. Judul ending song-nya White Stock, dinyanyiin sama band yang sama.

Dan ini beberapa pics-nya









Berhubung syuting udah kelar, jadi pas tanggal 17 kalo ngga salah, DVD-nya juga bakal dirilis. Yang punya duit beli, yang ngga punya nonton di tipi aja ㅋㅋㅋ
Yayy, can I just skip August and then pass into September ?


Itazura na Kiss 2 Love in Tokyo – New Casts Revealed



The white coat ><

Takeuchi Toshi as Funatsu Seiichi

Nakai Noemi as Christine Robbins (Finally, Kinchan, your lover appears :))

Horii Arata as Kamogari Keita (This guy will make Irie gets jealous, can’t wait !)

Ito Risako as Tomoko Ogura

Suzuki Mirai as Motoki Kikyo

Kawakami Julia as Shinagawan Marina

Since the casts have been revealed, I think we are getting closer to the broadcasting day. Hopefully, this May 🙂

(Tribute Post) Itazura Na Kiss Love in Tokyo

Yes, here it comes my tribute post for our lovable irie kun drama, Itazura na Kiss – Love in Tokyo 캬캬캬 ~


I really did not expect it at the first time that I will really hook up with this new japanese version, this is the best one for their before-marriage story I guess, because till now I still think that They Kiss Again is the best one when it comes to their after-marriage story, do not know it will change or not if there is a season 2 for InKLIT hihihi 🙂 ( I will feel really HAPPY when they make the season 2 comes true ㅠㅠ )

I knew that there will be a new version of our favorite shoujo manga when someone in my twitter tweeted about it, and then I searched, the casts that would play our lovable and cheerful, Aihara Kotoko and our handsome but meanie, Irie Naoki. I do not expect that Furukawa Yuki will successfully ruin my bias list, he is too handsome to be dodged away, he is just too kakkoii ><

My forever favorite episodes will be episode 16 and episode 10, yah, you know why I choose that two episodes ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Irie – kun’s feeling can be seen clearly from these two episodes, his affection toward Kotoko, I really love it. And my least favorite episode, episode 15 ofc ㅡㅡ really, when I watched this episode, I wanna punch Irie-kun on his face, he is being too mean ㅜㅜ

Well, I cannot write all the words in my mind to describe the sweetness of this drama, so I will just spazz you with some must-to-be-seen pics from Itakiss – Love in Tokyo EP 16  🙂

yes yes yes, our favorite favorite towel scene ><
yes yes yes, our favorite favorite towel scene ><
our beautiful bride :))
our beautiful bride :))
Irie-kun, you let your mouth hanging wide open for awhile lol


“The probability of getting hit by a shooting star is a ten-billionth, meeting you was more of a miracle than that.”
“The probability of getting hit by a shooting star is a ten-billionth, meeting you was more of a miracle than that.”



I will be very regretful if I do not keep in track with this drama from the very first time hahaha, because the sensation when you should wait for a week to watch the next episode somehow feels really exciting hahaha, but also tiring at the same time ㅜㅜ. And now after the last episode aired last week, what should I do to make my Friday night becomes wonderful like the past Friday nights ? ㅜㅜ

Final Episode of Itazura na Kiss – Love in Tokyo (Episode 16)

So, the staff really put rain kissu and the wedding in one episode, this episode really makes me becoming like 캬캬캬캬 >///<

Since dramafever does not allow us who live outside of US to watch over there (its annoying, really ㅡㅡ) and thing like change the IP address only makes the connection becomes suck and the video streaming lags like hell; I decided to watch it from gooddrama (they uploaded it at 4 in the morning)


It is very similar with the manga; the rain kissu and ofc, the wedding. All of the lines are similar.

This is our handsome groom, Irie Naoki ㅠㅠ

캬 ~
캬 ~

and this . . .

okay, maybe this isn't so clear ㅜㅜ
okay, maybe this isn’t so clear ㅜㅜ

Oh my, I keep looking at his wedding band >< our handsome groom and his beautiful wife, Kotoko Irie ㅠㅠ

All that I can say right now is friday midnight won’t be the same without itakiss ㅠㅠ

“The probability of getting hit by a shooting star is a ten-billionth, meeting you is more of a miracle than that.” – Irie Naoki /sobs/ ㅠㅠ